More agri-tech investment should be the new normal

More investment in agri-tech is essential for global food security

moa has been cited as an example of the importance of investment in agri-tech thrown into sharp relief by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cassie Doherty of Parkwalk Advisors and a director of moa has written about the critical importance of early-stage investment in companies like moa if exciting new science and cutting-edge technologies are to be utilised in the fight for global food security.

According to the UN, the economic recession triggered by the pandemic is causing chronic hunger and malnutrition for perhaps hundreds of millions of additional people.  This number has already been increasing steadily in recent years.  In the post-Covid world the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030 is going to need a re-doubling of effort if it is to be met.

The UK is well-placed to make a major contribution to this effort, with world class universities and research institutes researching in the multi-disciplinary sciences that need to be harnessed to support the world’s farmers.

Read Cassie’s article on here.