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MoA Platforms

At MoA Technology our ambition is to discover the next generation of sustainable herbicide chemistries with new modes of action from both natural and synthetic sources.

Three proprietary platforms have been developed: (1) MoA GALAXY, (2) MoA TARGET and (3) MoA SELECT, all powerful in their own right, but when used in combination offer the opportunity to revolutionize the early herbicide discovery process.

  • MoA Approach

    MoA Technology has three innovative herbicide discovery platforms designed to pinpoint new modes of action from both natural and synthetic sources.  Screening in all three platforms is based on an in vivo plant model: a much better predictor of herbicide activity than standard in vitro models.

  • Work with MoA Technology

    We are recruiting a:

    Technical Services Manager/Coordinator

    Research Technician - MoA Target

    Laboratory Support Technician

    We are always keen to hear from other candidates interested in working for MoA Technology.

    Please send a CV and cover letter to