We discover the undiscovered by harnessing the principles of natural selection to find new MOAs

Farmers urgently need herbicides with new MOAs to keep our crops safe – but none have been commercialised for more than three decades.
Our approach

Working with nature to discover new, safe and sustainable herbicides - fast.

Unique out-of-industry

IP from Oxford's Plant Sciences, designed to answer fundamental questions of plant evolution

Asking the most important questions first

High throughput biology-driven screens identify MOA novelty at the very first step

For the field,
not the lab

Rapid screening on miniaturized whole plants finds chemistries that work under real world farm conditions


Our plant-led platforms directly search for new MOAs in a fundamentally new way, screening 6x faster than the industry standard

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Is it a herbicide? Does it work in a new way?
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How does it really work? What does the MOA tell us about the safety and commercial opportunity
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How can we amplify the value of a new MOA?

Galaxy’s high-throughput in-vivo system generates rich data for unparalleled precision in finding new chemistries and MOAs – in days, not months

High Throughput Screen For New MOAS
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miniaturized whole plants

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tiny amount of a potential herbicide

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plant reactions indicating new MOA


Exploring chemical and biological space faster & deeper than anyone else.


Using microscopy, imaging analysis & AI to measure and group plant and cellular behavior, gathering 100k data points per compound.


Screening with miniaturised, living plants to discern the unique symptoms caused by each compound to identify novel MOAs at the very first step.

Herbicide candidates with novel MOAs.

Target’s in-vivo genetic screening hones in to confirm and elucidate novel MOAs– in months, not years

moa elucidation
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plants that are resistant to a herbicide with a new MOA

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genetics of the resistant plant

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resistant gene & target protein of the MOA


Screening 20k genes to rapidly identify MOA, beyond ‘this is something new’ to ‘this is how it works.”


With early knowledge of the MOA, we can identify and address potential toxicity and environmental safety flags right from the start.


With target protein identified, we can efficiently optimize lead compounds into better products, ready for farmers’ fields.

Confirmed new MOA and safety indications.

Select finds a diversity of chemistries that work with the new MOAs identified, delivering more products that help farmers keep our crops safe.


A targeted screen for ever more effective chemistries that work on the desired MOA, shortening the path from discovery to the market.


By finding more chemistries that work on the new MOA we can develop multiple products for different crops and climates.

A combination of safe herbicides to subtly outflank weed defences

Multiple pathways to safe herbicides with a new MOA.

Our system creates an abundant pipeline of new MOAs and lead compounds, with several distinct benefits


directing resources to projects that solve farmers problems


Screening 6x faster than industry standard, protein target identification in months vs years


screening diverse chemical libraries, including more natural product collections


addressing big industry hurdle by early classification of MOA


combined chemical, biological and glass-house datasets create  a powerful, evolving learning engine


abundant data for better prioritization of lead compounds aligned with our mission

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