moa's example of breakthrough innovation

MoA Tech's in vivo and AI approach

The year 2020, with the global disruption to normal work practices caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, showed the value in having good access to data and the ability to integrate it, build connectivity and forge new knowledge.

The President of CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, has pointed to moa as an example of a company focused on breakthrough innovation, which has continued to benefit from CAS Registry®.

As CAS observed in organisations around the world throughout 2020, working outside of the lab does not diminish the drive to learn, solve problems and innovate, so long as information keeps flowing.

moa has been using CAS Registry® to provide high-quality chemical substance data to integrate with results from screens in order to prioritise candidates with profiles of interest from as yet untapped resources.

With the growing threat that herbicide resistant weeds pose to crop yields and global food security, moa has the ability to make connections between dispersed, diverse data, not only allowing focus and prioritisation, but making the discovery process much more efficient and reducing the time to market for effective new herbicides.

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