Moa Technology Selected by GHP Magazine as One of the Winners of the 2023 International Life Sciences Awards


Moa Technology Selected by GHP Magazine as One of the Winners of the 2023 International Life Sciences Awards

GHP Magazine has announced the winners of its International Life Sciences Awards2023, with moa Technology selected as one of the winners.

Operating in an industry rife with cutting-edge technologies, scientific advancements, and evolving regulatory requirements, life sciences companies are constantly working to keep up with new developments and stay ahead of their competitors. In this, innovation is at the forefront of their minds. Their breakthrough discoveries can impact the lives of patients across the world by facilitating the development of novel products and treatments.

The last few years have revealed the true resilience and strength of the life sciences industry as it faced the Covid-19 pandemic head on. Whilst we have now returned to normalcy in 2023, the effects of the recent years are still fresh in our minds. We have not forgotten the role our key healthcare businesses and organisations played in enabling us to reach the other side of the pandemic.

GHP magazine, as always, endeavours to recognise those that are going above and beyond, or indeed, the businesses that are making meaningful steps forward, no matter how small they might seem on the greater landscape. That’s why we launched our awards programme, and why we continue to spotlight the work of exceptional companies and individuals.

Awards Co-ordinator, Laura O’Carroll, commented on the success of these excellent winners: “We are delighted to announce the publication of our International Life Sciences Awards programme for the eighth consecutive year. I offer my sincere congratulations to all of our winners and wish them the best of luck in the years to come.”

To find out more about some of these leading lights and discover what has led them to becoming who they are today, please visit the GlobalHealth & Pharma website  International Life Sciences Awards 2023 ( supplement.

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About moa

moa Technology Limited is leading the evolution of ethical and collaborative crop protection to feed the world’s growing population efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Spun out from Oxford University’s Plant Sciences Department in2017 from ground-breaking research by co-founders Professor Liam Dolan FRS, and Dr Clement Champion, moa was set up to address the challenge of increasing levels of weed resistance to herbicides. The company has developed its own discovery platforms and is focused on the discovery of a new generation of sustainable herbicides from both natural and synthetic chemistry.

At moa, we are working hard to solve an urgent global problem with new mode of action herbicides that respect human and environmental health, support farmers with better products to face the food supply challenge safely, consistently and efficiently, and advance the industry with a collaborative approach to integrated weed management.

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