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MoA TARGET™ can identify the precise target protein, associated with a new mode of action.  The platform uses an in vivo plant-based genomic patented process.

Knowledge of the target protein is important for two reasons:

First, if the protein is found only in plants this predicts that the mode of action should be safe to humans and the environment.

Second, this knowledge also assists in the discovery of more effective analogues for this mode of action.

Overall, the information from MoA TARGET guides researchers to novel, safer, more sustainable and effective herbicide active ingredients.



Features of MoA TARGET™

  • Effective in vivo system that identifies herbicidal target proteins associated with biological pathways of land plants
  • Powerful genetics in vivo system that allows target protein identification at low cost and unprecedented speed
  • Revolutionary bioinformatics methods that allow identification of elusive target proteins

Benefits of MoA TARGET™

  • Confirmation of 'plant only' mode of action provides strong indication of human and environmental safety to guide further studies
  • Identification of protein targets for herbicides whose modes of action have remained elusive using conventional methods
  • Rapid access to protein targets of herbicides allow accelerated chemical optimization, shortening time to market