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MoA SELECT can discover other herbicidal active molecules utilising knowledge from MoA Galaxy and MoA Target.

Like all MoA platforms, MoA SELECT is an in vivo platform, which validates the mode of action and the efficacy of the test chemistries in a single assay.

Knowing the original lead's mode of action and its associated target protein, MoA SELECT points to other chemistries with the same mode of action.  These may be analogues or totally unrelated.

At this stage, promising leads can be progressed for glasshouse and field testing.  MoA SELECT can also provide both new and structurally unrelated, diverse starting points for further traditional lead optimisation. This allows broad patent coverage of the new area of chemistry to be quickly and efficiently established.



Features of MoA SELECT™

  • A ground-breaking in vivo plant-based platform that allows mode of action targeted screening for novel herbicides
  • Fast turnaround: with the potential to test tens of thousands of samples per month
  • Similarly, to MoA GALAXY™: very small amounts of test chemical required, which allows the use of dilute liquid solutions

Benefits of MoA SELECT™

  • Discovery of novel herbicides with pre-selected modes of action 
  • Quickly explores diverse chemistry against a target mode of action allowing the establishment of an extensive patent portfolio
  • Allows efficient and targeted use of relevant chemistry