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CDD Vault boosts MoA Tech's herbicide discovery

17th December 2019
by MoA Tech Comms
CDD Vault boosts MoA Technology's in vivo herbicide discovery
CDD Vault boosts MoA Technology's in vivo herbicide discovery


MoA Technology is successfully running CDD Vault, a comprehensive informatics platform from San Francisco-based Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc.  CDD Vault brings unique advantages to archiving, mining and analysing chemistry and biology research data from MoA Tech’s in vivo herbicide discovery platforms (MoA GALAXYTM, MoA TARGETTM, MoA SELECTTM).

CDD Vault is a versatile research and development data management platform, that includes functionality to manage chemical structures and assay data. The structured screening data generated by MoA Tech Platforms is stored and analysed in CDD Vault and the unstructured experimental descriptions are recorded in CDD Vault ELN (electronic notebook). MoA Tech has automated several data transfer processes using CDD Vault’s API, thus optimising the efficiency of the whole setup.

“We have been using CDD Vault productively for over a year now,” said Dr. Shuji Hachisu, CTO of MoA Technology. “CDD is a flexible system ideally suited for early stage companies going through explosive growth as it is easily customisable and at the same time scalable. It also offers a wide range of critical tools to an innovative biotechnology company through a simple web interface.”

“We are very excited to see CDD Vault being used to manage a variety of data beyond our traditional drug discovery market,” said Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO of CDD. “MoA technology has data with high level of complexity and CDD Vault has the flexibility to manage all their data types, including high resolution images, screening numerical data, plant sample metadata and chemical compounds. It is also great to see the ELN being used to its full extent. It is an exciting company with a bright future ahead and we are proud to count them among our customers.