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MoA Technology has three innovative herbicide discovery platforms based on an in vivo plant model designed to pinpoint and elucidate new modes of action, essential to developing safe and effective active ingredients to control weeds.

The platforms need only sub-microgram test samples, ideal for screening chemical libraries not previously screened by conventional methods requiring high quantities, or those from which traditional high-throughput screening failed to detect hits.

Each molecule tested generates a data-rich ‘fingerprint’.  Artificial intelligence systems pick out hits with novel modes of action.

Used together in sequence, MoA platforms can quickly and cost-effectively find streams of herbicidally active chemicals structurally unrelated to the original hits and having the newly defined mode of action.


MoA Platforms

At MoA Technology our ambition is to discover the next generation of sustainable herbicide chemistries with new modes of action from both natural and synthetic sources.

Three proprietary platforms have been developed: (1) MoA GALAXY, (2) MoA TARGET and (3) MoA SELECT, all powerful in their own right, but when used in combination offer the opportunity to revolutionize the early herbicide discovery process.