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Laboratory Support Technician

MoA Technology Ltd. is recruiting for a Laboratory Support Technician


MoA Technology Limited is an innovative and rapidly growing R&D crop protection company.

At MoA Technology our mission is to find the new generation of safe and effective herbicides to help farmers produce high quality food for all. To this aim, we have assembled team of passionate and talented scientists, technicians and operational staff, who respectively design, use and support the use of our innovative technologies.

As an organisation, we believe that meeting collective goals goes together with enabling our dedicated staff to fulfil their individual potential.

Amongst other traits, we value collaborative endeavours, evidence-based decision making and resourcefulness. 


Position type: Permanent. Full-time - 37.5 hours per week

Salary: Competitive

Location: The Bellhouse Building, The Magdalen Centre, 1 Robert Robinson Avenue, The Oxford Science Park, Oxford OX4 4GA

We are looking for a highly motivated support technician to provide services for our laboratory-based R&D operation.

You will be instrumental to organizational success by ensuring the smooth running of the laboratory operation as part of the Operations team.

You will be responsible for the providing of selected generic services for laboratory activities as well as handling by-products of laboratory activities (e.g. laboratory waste, glassware) and the maintenance of laboratory stocks and selected laboratory equipment.

We are seeking for individuals who strive to deliver tangible impact through organized, dedicated and conscientious working.


  1. Autoclaving and discarding of laboratory waste
  2. Processing and reshelving of glassware
  3. Basic maintenance of equipment (e.g. deep cleaning, checking equipment integrity)
  4. Collecting equipment usage and maintenance records
  5. Processing orders for internal stock
  6. Monitoring back up stock and reporting low stocks
  7. Monitoring and filling up running stocks
  8. This role is not restricted to the above and encompasses any support activities that facilitate the smooth running of the laboratory-based operations.

As the company grows, your role could vary as required to support further operational and support functions.

Candidate profile

Education & experience:

The post-holder will have:

  1. Education to NVQ - level II or equivalent practical expertise gained from hands-on work experience in a laboratory environment.
  2. Experience working with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook (i.e. calendar and email) is essential.
  3. Experience with large volume autoclaves (e.g. 260L and above) and laboratory dishwashers is strongly desirable.
  4. Experience working in clean and aseptic conditions is strongly desirable.
  5. Good proficiency at chemical calculations is strongly desirable.
  6. Experience working with Microsoft Teams, Zoom is desirable.
  7. Experience working with inventory management systems is desirable.
  8. Experience working as part of a customer-facing team is desirable.

Key behaviours:

  1. You work autonomously and proactively.
  2. You gain energy from working in support of dynamic teams and people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. You actively listen and effectively communicate on matters related to your role.
  4. You work by evidence-based decision-making processes.
  5. You meet deadlines, demonstrating awareness of realistic time requirements for yourself.
  6. You demonstrate a ‘hands-on’ approach to tackling challenges you face and communicating with internal collaborators.
  7. You are highly motivated, resilient, conscientious and organised.
  8. You are keen to evolve with the changing needs of the business on a rapid growth trajectory.
  9. You accurately keep records as outlined by SOPs and corporate policies.
  10. You adhere to company work hours, policies, and standard business etiquette.

Job Requirements

The role is primarily lab-based and requires the post holder to be present onsite.

MoA-Technology is strongly committed to the safety of their employees and in the current COVID-19 climate, have taken measures that require the post-holder to:

- Live in the Oxford area and have means to commute. Candidates who do not currently live in the Oxford area should be able to provide evidence that they can relocate in a timely and safe manner.

- Be open to work flexible hours. For instance, in order to maintain social distancing, you could potentially be requested to work weekends, early mornings (~7-9am) or evenings (~7-10pm). As the Government relaxes safe social distancing rules and allows a return to normal working practices we will also revert to our normal working arrangements (Mon-Fri, 9am -5pm).


Must be legally able to live and work in the UK

How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter to