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MoA Galaxy


MoA GALAXY™ allows the simultaneous discovery of new herbicidally active chemicals and a prediction of the novelty of their modes of action.

Using ground-breaking research into plant biology, MoA Technology developed MoA GALAXY, a unique, proprietary, in vivo HTS platform for finding new herbicides. The wide range of herbicidal activity data produced is digitized and exploited by artificial intelligence. This provides high quality predictive information on both herbicidal activity and mode of action at a scale, speed and cost previously unavailable.

Comparing 'fingerprints' of known herbicides and test molecules, MoA GALAXY rapidly identifies known modes of action, and reveals new ones through using a 'star-like map' to visualise data.  Hence, MoA GALAXY !

Unlike in vitro screens, MoA GALAXY in vivo screens indicate whether a molecule crosses the cell membrane to have its herbicidal effect. This makes for high quality hits and provides a strong indication of their whole-plant activity.

Features of MoA GALAXY™

  • High content imaging coupled with artificial intelligence leading to novel herbicidal starting points with unprecedented level of insights at the earliest stage of discovery
  • Fast turnaround: with the ability to test tens of thousands of samples per month for both herbicidal activity and corresponding mode of action
  • Very small amounts of test chemical required, which allows the use of dilute liquid solutions

Benefits of MoA GALAXY™

  • HTS in vitro rates of screening with in vivo quality and range of results
  • Herbicidal activity results and mode of action identification from the same assay
  • Highly sensitive platform that allows extraction of novel herbicidal hits and their corresponding modes of action from mixtures and extracts. Ideally suited for bioherbicide discovery