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Weedy corn
Herbicide resistant weeds threaten global food security


"The case for urgent action in the global food system is now compelling ... as critical resources such as water, energy and land become increasing scarce."  Sir John Beddington, UK Chief Scientist, 2011

Nearly a decade since the concept of the 'perfect storm' set to wreak havoc with global food security was coined by Sir John Beddington, little has changed.

There are three-quarters of a billion more people to feed and there will be another two billion by 2050.   Global warming and extreme weather events are starting to bite.  Deforestation continues to create more land for farming.  Yields of many staple food crops like maize, rice, wheat and soybeans have plateaued.

In crop protection, chemistry we have relied on for two or three generations to protect crops from weeds, pests and diseases faces widespread and increasing problems of resistance.